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Last night, the Overwatch Twitter channel tweeted an “after-action report” of an old Overwatch operation. We reckon it teases a new hero, a new map, and, the game’s next lore event, which is due some time in April.

Here’s what we know about who could be Overwatch’s next hero.

The declassified operation is called White Dome, and the report says it was a strike against “a remaining pocket of omnic resistance” in Turkey. This likely means White Dome took place during Overwatch’s heyday in the omnic wars, much like last year’s Uprising event.

The Uprising event starred four heroes, and the White Dome report mentions four Overwatch agents: Ana, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, and “private first class Emre Sarioglu.” That last name is obviously not a current hero, and is probably a local: ‘Sarioglu’ is a Turkish name.

Perhaps Emre will be introduced alongside a new lore event based on Operation White Dome?  When we spoke with Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan in December, he said building on Uprising was a “challenge, because that was a very specific lore event. I think we have some interesting plans to evolve what we’ve done in Uprising, but I’m gonna leave that a bit of a surprise for now.” 

Blizzard have to give Overwatch fans another chance to grab the Uprising skins, and reissuing them alongside some new ones from another lore event at the same time would make a lot of sense. If we’re going to re-enact Operation White Dome, that means we also need a new map, since there isn’t a Turkey-based map in the game right now. And incidentally, note that name: White Dome. Perhaps the Turkish map will feature the Hagia Sophia, and thus be set in Istanbul?

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